You get to walk free


I said
Well fuck you twice
Once for the lie
Once for slicing me wide
Open, bleeding, gory gash
That hole is what you saw
Cat nip for weak boys
Content to mire in menses
Smoking your cigarette low
Staining fingers seeking below
Some proof of life
Ring it out, hold to light
Afterbirth, a November stillness
Unblemished water
She submerged
I see from upside down
Twenty years later you are called dad
Young wife, fair children pulling your arm
Yes I want to fuck you up
From my barren stance
I breathe fire
Vengence has no pleasure
It was my shame, they held me to account like armored gladiator fighting
Reminded me in scarlet portend
Wasn’t that you?
Who, once too young for living, carried seed
A chapter in my life ending with
And now?
You are a man,
You get to walk free


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