Commit nothing


On one bone
Heal dug in to auburn mud
I stand faltering
Still here in spite
Of the articles of my person
Spiking the tarmac in waste
How soon people upturn themselves
Remove lifelines on cracked palm
and with stark new minds
Start again
As we
Who scare away crowd
Turn with long gusts
Remembering you as if
Your form were just
retreating from our outstretched
Ache for your warmth
Nothing here
Among still rooms left vacant by indifferent tred
Can brand away that
Sharp scar you bequeathed
That angular stuffed silhouette
Trying in vain
To remove the avalanche
Closing us apart
In terrible forgotten page
Erasing blank with lifted veil
The bride, seeing only weighing skies
Resting rain in scowling belly
Commits nothing
We are absent folk in
Lulling pretense, as our
Voided selves lose
Gradual touch
With all of those memories
Once defining us


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