Unchanged Razors

Michaelangelo’s masterpiece pales
in comparison to
my friend washing
at 3am in the morning,
on anticipation –

He’s got a date
He wouldn’t even get out
of bed

“He’s gorgeous
and smart
and funny
and kind
and likes dogs over cats,”
He rambles past my
plea for silence.

“But, goddamn,
he is one ig’nant

My friend is black
and gay –
I’m just glad he skipped
his own Tevilah*.
I worry for him.

But after his rant,
without missing a beat,
he bathes
and shaves his balls
and then (using the same blade)
his goddamn eyebrows.

He makes me
That I were gay.

Or black.

I’d be able to
help him

Or at the very least,
understand how hard
it is
to shave
big black balls.


(* = Tevilah, a Jewish baptism/conversion ceremony).


11 thoughts on “Unchanged Razors

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