Often is
An ointment resolving circular
Cat with broken paw, dragging
Crepe paper, staining glass crush
Heavy fruit weighing tree, drawing off water, leaning in to thirst
Throat so dry, skin blanches in hurt
I wanted you to know
My emptiness
Your presence taken away
And day
Is just another day
Iodine and cotton balls, scuffed knees, children building sand effigies, adults smoking behind benches in quick, hurried puff, in case they

If i reach over
Our curls of sheets and unfunded entreaty
Who listens to
Humans without parents or tooth fairies kissed better when they
If I spill boiling water, how deep will it burn? How long the pain?
Often is
My slippers tread on cold time
Warning your hands slack against book
Leading through stories
You let go
To dream
Of when safety, held you in her tree tips
mighty against the world

We paint ourselves into fable
Releasing yoke of skin for pelts of
Ether, glimmering as dew in foliage finds us reborn among briar
Mouths on each other, finding solace in red embrace, our embroidered fate, turns on thimble, a drowsy thing, indolent with whispers, we who inherit fire, remove our fingers from the sun and draw down night in azure,  so if trembling against a sudden chill, you run for warmth, climbing inside my welcome as birth in retreat, our shape is a reflecting pool, mirroring moon’s mounting slough across space in urging sleep


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