A Brief Treatment of Brain Chemistry

So you have a seratonin deficiency. Drink some Vitamin Water.
But isn’t it strange that we are enslaved to our own bodies?

I only do the things I do so that my body will release some dopamine.

But am I not my body? I would be, only most of my body is mysterious to me.

My brain works in the shadows, and most of what I do is involuntary.

I am made up of millions or billions of cells that I know nothing about.

So I suppose that I am nothing, after all.

When I reach this point I want to get under blankets and believe in magic.

Instead, what can I do? Sit quietly and wait to forget?

No scientific truth, and no useful fantasies, only silence for now.


8 thoughts on “A Brief Treatment of Brain Chemistry

  1. Yes an overabundance of this neurotransmitter and underabundance of that one… how does this shit get out of balance? We are mere products of neurochemical messaging and MIScommunication. At least, it can feel that way sometimes. This “brief treatment” captures so well that our bodies and minds–our very ability to function as human beings–are at the mercy of our neurochemistry.

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  2. mandibelle16 says:

    Thoughtful piece. It does seem we have little controls over are bodies. I guess that’s why when everything works fine, we’re thrown for a loop when problems occur. Problems we can’t see or understand, even with science and doctors. Chemicals like serotonin, dopamine, etc are the worst of all because we don’t know how to make them go on the right levels, we’re deficient or over producing, and voila depression, other mental illnesses, physical, but effecting our mental ability too. This piece comes across as a person viewing things from a distance, unattached . Great piece.

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  3. I like the point you make that we feel disassociated from our bodies because they seem mysterious things. My acupuncturist always says, ‘we are our organs’. Which means that our mental, spiritual and emotional health are dependent upon the physical body being healthy. It’s mindblowing only because we were brought up believing we are our minds. The idea still sticks in my throat. But when I look at myself in the mirror, there’s proof.

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