16 thoughts on “Never Fade Away (Orlando 2016)

  1. Great post. Patriotic in geography and society. The world should unite under a consolidated banner of grief. This is not acceptable, and avoidable. Make that happen by any and all means necessary. Together as one.

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    • I could not have put it better, Andy. This sort of thing is absolutely inexcusable, and it’s disgusting that human lives are still considered so cheap in this supposedly enlightened day and age.


    • Thank you, Ashley. I think we all need to take a stand against hatred and violence of any kind. Society cannot afford such things. It simply cannot if it wants to continue to function.


  2. thefeatheredsleep says:

    Tony I love you. If I have told you a hundred times then a hundred more. Your talent just blows me away. This is such a BEAUTIFUL homage.

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