The gods words made waves across shoreline

Sore undulation disturbed tacit rocks

Pears and grape sour in ice

Death, a rag in my mouth

Surviving through blue ice wakening life

Squalls in humid fold


The ferryman demands his payment

Three filigree coins light in pocket

Come on! Pull!

As far as my arm reaches

Mercy for the sound, mercy in surround

No …  Don’t go

Please don’t go

To be young and pound fist over bonfire

Frozen elms lending vapor in rushing air

She can give you a look that cuts glass

Breath punched hot, rolling out in baked fruity schema


Of passion and last requests

Are terrible people

As the ones we love

Let dying befuddle

We move like pretending snakes

Writhing to our inner leather

Bodies of smoldering decay

Stitched in greased fealty

Fill ourselves and our loss

Ripe in print, with ash

Leave a message

In person

The cooling of skin

Particles of dust catch in air

Mosaic blends anonymity behind metal veil

Healing lies in warm reeds,  shining with glossy foresight

We turn from river our feet slide against stones, one reveals a red center

Brave are the climbers of days, smelted silver against weave

Time is figment

Last chance

Bonfire of vanity exposed in vaunt

Destroy sacred things

Whatever we’ve said

Seen each other through so much

lost snapshots

Here is your arm reaching out

Bare witness

Walk away

Forgive me

Die in the end

Need nothing

Of memory

Debts withdrawn

You live no more

and I?

Find love

In strange arms

Riding out the night

In lethal home coming



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