Affected minds


a glass place became a nice waste when driving her fist through she withdrew shards of herself, knives of reflection, betraying recollection, look away, look away, the van pulls up and takes you in muslin, you shall be wrapped and restrained with care, packaged into pieces and transported elsewhere

this place

antiseptic rest they call it

a hospital for affected minds

tired on the lint of life

some starve under careful watch, finding a banana, an apple, a lettuce leaf, too much, for stomachs wormed with trauma rebel their owner, food becomes anathema, soon the taste, the smell, the leer of lunch, packs a gutful punch of nausea and they would rather go without

some speak to people who have crossed over, from one branch of their mind to another and back again, in confused syllabi they spell out the murder of their intention, to lose on the warm waves, all sense of self and then fade, becoming sand, shells crushing shells until nothing is left

some wish to rectify the world and they are the most deluded, for their burning minds know no boundaries and believing themselves insightful they seek to turn the worshipers away from the fault line lest they fall and all together, collapse into the deep, not realizing it is they who do not fit in. See … the others, all along knew they were going to jump with faith, into the jaws of tune in, switch off and fake it

give me that injection to make me blind she often cried, when living became a hungered thing waltzing for purpose

take away this ache, forcing me to stay, awake throughout the sea-sick days, our ship will never dock, we will never embark, our journey covers all, who lie to themselves about why they wake up, switch on the radio, listen to the false news report inaccurate things and take it on the chin, tuck it under our belt, wear it in our hair, poisoning our being

we carry embryos of self-delusion like babies bibs to catch the drip, drip, drip of the medicated masses

we bear their children and coddle their rhetoric, babysitters to the rich elms of deception, blowing our house down

we are homeless in our worship, warm to know our way, but what if it’s all a fallacy and this just a game?


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34 thoughts on “Affected minds

  1. trE says:

    To know that you will carry on, even on a different day, is music to my ears. This pains me to read, though, but that’s raw emotion and grit, the core of you. It is always invited. It is always welcome.

    This is monumental. It will move many, flocks will know what is needed. This is it.

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  2. Hi.. again.. Candice.. A Baker’s dozen.. A Baker’s
    mind.. 6 and a half
    of brain
    or more
    of what
    a soUl can
    expand or retract
    to be.. an act of mercy..
    an act to restrain.. an
    act to save.. a Baker’s
    Act of prison for weeks
    then days.. first @21
    manic as expanded brain
    can go.. and then at opposite
    side of black hole soul brain..@47…
    like i said..
    been around
    in that other comment
    in that other place too..
    and too.. both places of the mind that
    wanders too far.. as sure.. all reaLiTy
    that human constructs IS A Narrative story
    of what they’ve been told and shown or what
    they create for themselves.. the
    rest is moving
    and smaller
    parts and tapestry
    whole.. and then there
    IS A inner UniVerse of hUman
    soft and cozy.. wild and crazy now
    and or dark and dim.. and a spectrum
    oF aLL.. the inner Universe more complex
    than any God Dam astronomer has ever seen
    of space.. these stars of Neurons.. connected
    as Stars above.. trillions of paths.. journeys of
    memories that change at pace slow
    and fast and
    blur of
    now.. to go places
    where no one has gone
    before.. still frontiers within
    of Star Trek BRain
    but now then..
    the worst place
    oF aLL is when it all
    dies inside.. when the smiling
    face of the schizophrenic looks like
    heaven compared to a schizoid world..
    when schizotypal magic thinking beats depersonalization
    and dissociative identify disorder and beyond anhedonia
    of no feeling at all.. where anxiety clamps down on
    chest muscles and suffocates panic
    attacks as death
    as only
    can do for false..
    and real fears at
    organic level of neuro-chemicals
    and neuro-hormones the same..
    where Alexithymia.. separates
    language and emotion as well..
    in empty place of hell..
    where all of it is
    an Invisible Universe
    and sure.. pain disorders
    the same that no one sees
    but the person who lives in
    an entire UniVerse of Hell within
    now.. all trillions connections of
    Neurons working as
    a symphony
    of devils eYes
    real that view
    flames that are
    only cold and felt
    by those who suffer
    as the furniture and the
    couches no more human
    than the WALLS in the room..
    where the sound of the AC vent
    cannot be separated from self or
    others different or same.. So how does
    one paint the dark UniVerse of the soUL..
    will labels from the APA do.. or will one have
    to go to hell to see and feel it for oneself.. yes
    you will.. yes you will.. as there are windows in
    hell.. there are no doors.. to get in or out..
    all there is
    is time
    in hell
    where a thousand
    years is one second..
    beyond any pain or feeling
    or sensing of nothingness
    that is nothing
    at all
    an electron..
    a last one swirling
    around a nucleus of life..

    Ha.. and people ask me
    why i am so happy.. been
    there done it.. ain’t going back
    to hell ever ever again.. once you’ve
    been ThErE.. happiness IS A FucKinG Olympic
    Sport you practice and never ever FucKinG GiVe uP..:)

    And you know what.. when you get out.. you tale the entire
    world in every way you can.. how to NOT go there the first time at
    all.. and you only want to get a gift large enough to tale folks
    what it’s like to be in hell.. only poetry can do the job..
    or screams of paintings.. etc..
    labels are just clothes
    no sKin of HeLL..
    and the most hilarious
    part is folks think there is
    a worst place than this after
    life.. something as wimpy as
    burning in fire for eternity or something
    like that when you only wish someone would
    douse you with flames to feel anything at all..
    or at
    to end
    it all
    the thing is
    we are born to live.
    we are born to live..
    and this is what makes
    hell the worst place ever
    is you still have no choice but to live
    without a trigger or another tool.. to an exit out..
    and nah.. i didn’t mention the 19 medical disorders
    including the worst pain known to humankind.. named
    trigeminal neuralgia from wake to sleep.. for 66 months..
    the dentist drill pain that never ended until i went to the
    worst place of all in nothing.. and wished for
    that pain to come
    a feather
    of heaven in hell..
    there are places that people
    go.. there are places that people
    go.. that not even the bravest demon
    of the soUL..
    it has no label
    but hell.. my friend..
    nor does that gravity
    of word do it justice for
    what most folks think hell is..
    and sure there IS A Song for this
    named “Hail to the King’.. where
    one has been both devil and hell
    and there is no difference.. but Life..
    and then one knows and feels who and
    what God is..
    all is connected..
    all is interrelated
    and the other place..
    where there is no place
    of that for either Devil AND Hell..
    so.. I kiss the ground beneath me..
    the sky above me.. the flesh that
    moves in the night as dance.. and
    the blood that warms my bones.. Hail
    to the bones that feel my Friend.. ALIVE..
    Stars oF eYes SuN that are no longer only duSt..
    GoD sKeYes..

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    • thefeatheredsleep says:

      You do realize you’re the only person who can say the words; ‘reminds me of something Krishnamurti said’ and it just seems ‘so right’ when others would (makes falling choking sounds) yep that’s why they call you babe … totally agree with what the quote btw totally utterly irrevocably .. and have I thanked you for being YOU today? if not I ought to because you keep us unglued souls in line and that is no easy feat but you are the worth in our skies at night, and the best of us is owed to your dreams

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