Top-Shelf Booze

I saw a piece of ground today
that reminded me
of you.

And I felt the rage,

But being angry at you
is like being angry
at empty air.

So I grab a bottle
and collect it,
saving it to drink
later, when I catch myself,

Because too often
do I watch people with pieces
of you,
if I can put them together.

The bottles are kind,
if but full of hard curves
and even harder

Although I can’t melt into them
the same way I did
with you.

And they break,
more often than you used to.

I can put them back together, though,
with the sticky messes
you left behind –

It’s a perverse form of kintsugi*,
but it does the job.

*The Japanese art of repairing pottery with gold and/or silver.


4 thoughts on “Top-Shelf Booze

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  2. mandibelle16 says:

    Very sad and unfortunate. She’s dead, murdered and he drinks to get her back. I loved the Japanese word, repairing pottery with silver and gold. It’s effective because it’s not similar to what the speaker is doing at all. He sees it that way, but he couldn’t do such an art. My opinion.


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