chris-r-0694 Image by Christine Renney

The boy’s dad took to calling the boy’s mum a shit-faced whore. He bandied these words without malice, it was just a nickname, a term of endearment and one of many but this was the one he had settled on, that had won out over the others.

‘Where is she? What’s she doing, the shit-faced whore?’ ‘Fetch my keys and make some tea, you shit-faced whore?’
‘Go and get me this and then do that, you shit-faced whore’
‘Oh, look at her, look at her face, the shit-faced whore’

The words tripped so lightly from his dad’s mouth that the boy didn’t really hear them, they hardly registered. But when his girlfriend heard his dad talking like this she had been stunned. The boy was shocked at the level of her anger, by just how indignant she became, although later his dad made her laugh and she began not to accept but to tolerate it. She even told him off ‘You shouldn’t call her that,’ she told him, ‘you really shouldn’t.’
And eventually he did stop, it had run its course and he started to call her by a different name.


20 thoughts on “PET NAMES

  1. Layers upon layers here Mark. These sketches of yours are like parables for our times. So much said in a simple story. Or bumps in the sidewalk to make us trip, stop, and understand why.
    Great photo too, Chris. More layers upon layers. Good one guys. As Sheldon says….solid.


    • markrenney2 says:

      Dear Jana – we both thank you for your insightful words and love the way you consider our joint working. Chris says you always absorb so much and I agree. Your thoughts are important to us and we love to read them.


  2. mandibelle16 says:

    I’m happy the Dad finally stopped. It may have been in good humour or an endearment, but he could’ve chosen better words. Glad the girlfriend of his son got through to him.


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