Tuesday Afternoon

I waited for the man to come and fix my oven. I knew I should do other things. I sat on the couch, and I waited. I nearly fell asleep.

When he arrived he was a woman. I offered her a drink and sat back on the couch.

When she was done I looked at the table where I had put the tip. It seemed weird, so I didn’t give it to her.



5 thoughts on “Tuesday Afternoon

    • In Japan you don’t have to tip anyone. Everything is much less awkward. I’m a fan of tipping because I’m a bartender and my restaurant would never pay me as much as I make in tips even if we did away with tips. But on the other hand, it’s always a problem for me when I’m not in a restaurant as to how much to tip and all that. I read a book by a woman who used to work in one of the best restaurants in NYC, Per Se, and she said that the male servers would get cash on top of the tip that was included in the meal, but she would rarely ever get cash on top because the men who were paying felt uncomfortable giving a woman a tip directly.

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