Drag me out of the lake

before it ices

pull my recalcitrant arms

out of their doll sockets

pop pop

goes the farmers gun

hush little rabbits

don’t make a sound

blood is russet against wire

you scrape me void

embed the need

we spin in crystalized catkin

my dress is smothering your

bad notion

starve out the longing

makes you so evil

green glass raised to

moon without

give me one sharp pinch

wake without princes touch

water logged

heavy to the touch

too fast in spin

blackness is a blot of goodness

on the tip of my finger

swallow me

I’m intoxicate

i’ll wake you from the drum

beat you heady into rhythm

let’s jostle for position

ending up rubric on well-worn floor

here the songs consume me

follow the leader

all fall down

watch blooming plague taste our spite

survivors don’t speak loud


I’m so heavy

with the seed you’ve sewn

I could burn

red as a fox

cast in snarl


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