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The Fox and The Bear

There once was a clever fox who gambled far too much. Tired of hearing his excuses, Raven called the debt. So, he made one last bet.

“The tortoise will beat the hare!” He said.

Raven laughed and greedily accepted.

Fox had a friend, Bear.

“How can you think the tortoise will beat the hare?” Bear asked.

“I have a plan.” Fox told him, and no more.

On the day of the race Fox and Bear were in the carrot patch.

“The Hare is a glutton; he will surely stop to snack on these carrots. And when he does!” Fox sprinkled a magic powder over the carrot patch.

“This powder will make him sleep. Then, the tortoise will win the race!”

“You are very clever!” Said Bear.

“I know.” Said Fox.

They hid in the forest next to the carrot patch to wait. Sure enough, when the hare came along he stopped for a snack and was soon fast asleep. Fox leapt from the forest and danced through the carrot patch.

“We are going to be rich!” he cried. But Bear went over and began sniffing the hare, laying in the grass.

“What are you doing Bear? Leave him be! You’ll wake him.” Fox scolded. Bear did not stop but began nudging the hare around the carrot patch with his nose.

“He is dead.” Stated Bear.

“He is not dead! He is sleeping, dolt!”

Bear put one of the Hare’s feet into his mouth and bit down. The hare did not move.

“He is dead.” Bear stated again. Fox came to where the Hare lay and felt for a pulse.

“Oh no! no, no, NO!” cried Fox. “He cannot be dead! The Ravens will know! They will kill me!” Fox paced around and around the carrot patch pulling on his ears. Bear sat by the hare and wondered if Fox would eventually let him eat it. Finally, Fox stopped pacing.

“I’ve got it!”

Fox looked at the corpse of the hare and then to Bear. “You need to skin him.”

“What?” Said Bear, confused.

“Skin the hare!”

“Why do I have to do it?” Bear asked.

“Because you’re a bear.” Fox said. Bear thought about it and decided he didn’t know what to think about it. So, he skinned the hare. Fox sat and waited. Once Bear had finished Fox leapt on the hide of the hare and began shoving himself inside of it. When he had become fully consumed by the hare’s hide he turned to find a bloody mouthed Bear. The rest of the hare was nowhere to be found.

“Where is the rest of him?” Fox demanded.

“I ate him.” Bear said.

“Why would you do that!” Fox said through the gap in the suit that used to be the hare’s mouth.

Bear thought about it. “Because I’m a bear.” He decided.

“Fair enough” said Fox. “Look!” He points to the road passing near the carrot patch. The tortoise was strides away from the finish line. Fox dashed off toward the finish line. Bear curled up in the carrot patch and slept.

Fox crossed the finish line a hair behind the tortoise. The crowd was so stunned that none noticed how sickly the hare was looking. They ridiculed the hare as Fox grinned beneath its hide.

Once the crowd had their fill, they departed.

Fox, alone, danced.

He danced until the hare’s hide split open and Fox fell out onto the grass, laughing.

He lived happily ever after.


12 thoughts on “The Fox and The Bear

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  2. This was so bloody much fun to read, I’m saving this one for a story to read aloud amongst friends at a campfire deep in the woods. That is, if you haven’t turned it into a Broadway musical by then, and that comes from genuine respect for talent – not just being cheeky. F-ing brilliant. Peace and other rare commodities, Harlon

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