1) Quit, 2) Shave, 3) Do Nothing

Step One: Quit

I quit today. Or at least I gave my intent to end my current job – my last day will be 31st January 2017. When I hit send on the notifying email I felt a surge of happiness. Sure Mr.Corporation, I need your money coming into my bank account, but I don’t need your shit. I smiled for the first time in weeks – I felt like a new man.

I have neglected myself of late, but handing in my notice was the first step to doing something I want to do with my life – trouble is, I have no idea what is that ‘thing’.

Step Two: Shave

I shaved today. This may sound a small step, but I always find that shaving my head is another indication of change within me; a reminder when I look in the mirror each morning; to stay determined, move forward and not tread water. I may get another tattoo.

In the shower I continued to other parts of my body. When the razor took away the last few hairs from my neglected scrotum, the feeling of the smooth, lickable skin of my ballsack and shaft made me smile – I was feeling a new man, in more ways than one.

Step Three: Do Nothing (for as long as possible)

I am taking February off from work, but I do not know what to do with myself; how best to use that time. I suspect I’ll shave again during this month, but other options are welcome – any suggestions for me and my smooth balls?



24 thoughts on “1) Quit, 2) Shave, 3) Do Nothing

  1. Shaved balls are a sign of good character, I think I read that somewhere, or maybe it’s a sign of someone with too much time and a razer and shaving creme in their hands. Nonetheless, the best thing to do is relax and do the things you never felt like you had the time to; read? fix something? If you have the resources, take a vacation, if not, there is always my best friend Netflix. Peace, Harlon

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  2. Sounds like you’re about to embark on that next stage in your life there, and things will fall into their rightful places for you, there’s no need to rush yourself into something, just enjoy your downtime, and take it easy for a bit, as I’m sure, you must’ve worked hard during this past year, and, you’d earned your well-deserved time off! So, go and have some fun…


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