poetry, prosetry

The Hierarchy

Food over rent
Booze over food
Drugs over gas
Smokes over leccy
Sleep over work
Sex over sleep
Firsts over familiar
Regret over loneliness
Fun over health
Sin over salvation
Lies over love
Fans over friends
Laughs over the Law
Matter over mind
Cash over heirlooms
Notoriety over change
Me over you

Me under the influence
You under the impression
Me under him
Him under control
Me under your skin
You under arrest
Us under the spotlight
You under pressure
Me under the weather
You under the bridge
Me under six feet of soil
All of us under the same old sky


10 thoughts on “The Hierarchy

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  2. amelianicol says:

    this was a wonderful way to capture a feeling of being a forced part of this cagey society. the grind over which decisions they’ve decided we’re likely to suspect are actually our own and our intuitive senses that rebel. I really enjoyed this poem, it’s well written and interesting to read. it leaves a sense of desolation and the comforting feeling that is all we get so love it anyway. wonderful!


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