8 thoughts on “Universal Mystic

    • Anna Spoon says:

      That’s so nice! I’ve just been so busy lately I haven’t had extra creative energy, but I will try and include them more. 🙂


  1. Happiness, spirituality and well being all grow in any place that the conditions are just right. Like mushrooms, they grow spores, roots and some are even a little bit magical. Everything is relative and every universe, inner or outer is a part of the fabric of life.
    The most important things in life are the wonders of your inner universe, Man made (music) or natural (life). The inner universe is created by the outer universe and the two can never be mutually exclusive.
    You have the power inside you to hold the universe in your hands, plus all the wonders within.

    That is my interpretation of your beautiful piece of work. Many apologies if I have misinterpreted in any way. It’s so inspiring.

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