On Pierre Molinier


When you were called a radical

surrealism gave you the verb

wet mouthed with halitosis

a curse and a burn in optic

did it unleash the retina wolf?

seducing good in squirm and fetish

can a mask disguise your longing for repulsion?

duplicated pieces of man touching themselves

are you suspended in gory sepia

voyeurs blowing out candles on masticating cake

and if you raped your sister when she lay

dead and cold and if you slept with your daughter

when she said papa please papa don’t

is it any wonder you orchestrate your death

with pretension and the anus of the world

a specter in gruesome sin-eater

is this not what we love

and loathe

about art?

when do we become

as depraved as the sweating thought

enticing us to drop our boundaries

for one more layer of blancmange ?

Image: http://www.invaluable.co.uk/auction-lot/pierre-molinier-1900-1976-jean-meunier-:-portrait-175-c-7ff4005a3d


11 thoughts on “On Pierre Molinier

      • Definitely. Sometimes I think we give too much lee-way to the good work of tortured people who harm others beyond what is acceptable, I was trying to figure out when enough is enough. There’s a book of beautiful photographs of young girls but it borders on pornography and exploitation and I long thought the ‘artist’ must know that in his rendering, yet I can appreciate the beauty of the ‘art’ aspect whilst knowing it sends a dangerous message. Separating the two is really hard sometimes.


      • It probably depends on what was going through the ‘artist’s’ mind, why he (because it’s almost always ‘he’) chose those subjects. There’s a whole lot of paintings of nude boys, different artists, but all with the same intent.

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      • Agreed. I wonder for example if Walter Sickert was Jack the Ripper, if his rather lewd paintings of prostitutes with open legs and blood, was showing the visera of the world he inhabited or a glimpse of the evil within him? Hard to know about an artists life unless it’s revealed. You hit on the point though, the HE within the scenario, maybe sexistly I am less likely to believe a HE innocent of sexual perversion and that could be entirely unfair of me (hehe) also, the idea of painting a nude, any nude, any age, versus a photograph, I mean I can see why a nude photograph would not mean or intend pornography, so it’s the eye of the beholder, should the artist be responsible for that? I don’t see how right?


      • I think with a painting it’s easier to judge whether the nudity is for a reason and whether the painter has painted curves and hollows, highlights and shadows because they are interesting/beautiful. The paintings of nude adolescents doing things no adolescent ever did in the nude (fishing? donkey riding? all-in wrestling outside of Ancient Greek workouts) are plainly because it titillated the artist and the people who bought the paintings. There wasn’t photography then. No doubt those painters would have been clicking away at children’s playgrounds now.


    • I appreciate this honest and true answer – I agree too – disgusting and I’m glad to shed light on the dichotomy of art and real life and how sometimes unacceptable people are talented and the struggle therein


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