Man On The Moon

​On nights like this I often wonder where you are. I never had to wonder this before because I always knew where you were. But the fact that I don’t know where you are anymore means that I shouldn’t be wondering about you in the first place.

Tonight the air is still and the city is still and I still miss you. Love and hate share the same propinquity that our bodies once did. But I think that even if you were here next to me, you’d feel a million miles away. You always were my man on the moon.

But you are not here with me tonight and this truth serves as a painful reminder to me. Your absence should remind me not to waste my wondering, wandering, wonderful mind on futile thoughts of you.

I don’t want to wonder about you, about your new life without me, but it’s so hard – the memories that are the easiest to remember are the hardest to forget, they’re the hardest to erase. Why should I wonder about you? After all, you don’t wonder about me on nights like this. You probably do not wonder about me at all.

I no longer occupy your heart and yet you still occupy my late-night mind. That is the greatest injustice in my private universe. And yet still I wonder if, secretly, you still wonder about me on nights like this.


6 thoughts on “Man On The Moon

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  2. anie says:

    painful thoughts, anger and tears, pain and bitterness. Life is often a miserable traitor who brings these feelings to both lovers, because they left their hearts opened and vulnerable. Meaningless, groundless and wrong just to be bad!

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  3. Toni says:

    So powerful and full of feeling and so right, I can feel the same every minute. What is all this wondering about. Our feelings are real, the pain, the love. And we wonder about the person who means so much to us instead of beeing together with the person, talking,laughing, holding hands. instead of hiding online and suffering we should be honest and we should trust and just try. There is nothing to loose.

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