12 thoughts on “REFUGE

  1. Oh Mark! I am so glad you did this. I absolutely love the art. The subject you chose is perfect. I think this is such a modern reflection of the old exploitation magazines – the positive side of them in that you graphically represent the reality some people go through. I found this really powerful and it just makes me want to see more of this from you – marvelous post!

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  2. Mark & C, don’t know if you saw this but wanted to clue you in – would love a photo from C and cartoon/artwork from you – doesn’t have to be unpublished – to go in anthology. If interested see below or email me

    Good Afternoon Everyone-

    Candice Daquin, Rachel Finch, Kindra Austin, and myself have put out a call for submissions that we hope you will consider. If these issues have not personally touched your life, we would be grateful if you would consider sharing this on your social media or passing this along to others who it may be relevant for.

    Peace and Light,

    Christine, Candice, Rachel, Kindra.

    Time Sensitive Call for Submissions: “We Will Not Be Silenced”

    Bruised But Not Broken, Whisper and the Roar, Indie Blu(e), and Blood Into Ink are joining forces to publish an anthology about the lived experience of sexual harassment and assault. We believe that it is more important than ever before that voices speak out and reclaim their strength by owning their survival stories. All contributors, female and male, can submit up to three pieces of creative work- these can include; Poetry, Prose, Essay, Short Fiction, Prose, and/or original Artwork, but should be limited in length (under 1,000 words) considering that this is an anthology. You will be notified if your work is accepted. Please do not consider nonacceptance as any diminishment of your experience, but as with any publishing venture, we must try to fit the individual pieces together into a strong whole.

    · Submission of previously published pieces is acceptable if you still own the rights to your work.

    · Artwork can be submitted in black and white OR color but all artwork should be black and white compatible.

    · Using a pen name or publishing anonymously is acceptable.

    All submissions should be sent to bloodintoink2017@gmail.com by midnight, Monday, October 15, 2018.

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