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Something of

Joan_of_Arc,_by_Gaston_BussiereThere is something

about you

they said

and they were right

in that way that isn’t universal

she did have something about her

and then she gave it to you

and you had

something about her

locked around your filigree neck.

When you whistled

only she heard your call

came running time and again

hands powdered with flour or words

losing each moment

something about her

because that is what happens when

girls give it away

without thought in little hand-made envelopes

as if it, and themselves, were

a paper boat let loose to rent

how then to remain whole?

they have to have it

to be




or they stay as tinsel in corners

gathering misapprehensions dust

no one remembered to take down

after the celebration was over

as hollow as old marzipan

left to suck up dry cupboard air

when placed for safe keeping by soft-hearted child

leaching color onto old towels

still smelling of beach and sand

how to build on sandcastles turning to powder

how to make bread rise when it rains

or dry clothes in damp

girls who grow from weeds

standing on asphalt

as cars spit exhaust and the world

is dirty and cold

how do they remember

the something about them

to keep going?

when rivers dry and the shape of regret

lies like a trace of memory

itching in place

we find our strength through

lifting others toward light

where for a moment they remember

in the purity of being held

tightly with grace

something of



8 thoughts on “Something of

      • i got this one too and none in the bin i don’t know why that ever happened but it’s frustrating. How are you? I didn’t want to keep bombarding you with emails and msgs but i have been thinking of you a lot. I was off line a bit because of two relatively bad relapses but over all i am definitely doing better. I was so sad to find out when i came back online that Natalie had died, so now i try to be online and check more but it’s hard when you are not feeling too well. Sending you much love my friend

        Liked by 1 person

      • Thank you so much, Candy. Let’s hope you will get my comments now. My knee is gradually improving. No pressure on you to post or message when you are not feeling so good, but it is always good to hear from you. X


  1. Derrick, so I looked in ‘the bin’ for any comments on TFS from you and saw none. The mystery deepens. I hope you are doing okay with your knee. My step-mom had hers done at Xmas and she is struggling to regain her former speed (walking) but feels it was beneficial and has come on leap and bounds. I wish the same for you.


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