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Present and glad

person with tattoo holds python

Photo by Sean Patrick on Pexels.com

We talk about the past

I used to like talking about the past

it was a favorite drink warming my hands

when Winter first called

this time what has gone before now feels

sad and heavy like wet wool blanket left to dry

in insufficient heat

it leaches the warmth from my lavender bones

I feel sorrow and weighted down by metal reminder

who was that girl? Who absorbed

grief and laid it on her arms in shapes and symbols

to be read years later by Rune interpreter

did she really? Think she had no worth

so much so the days became years and the pain

soaked so much of her blood she longed to eat


you craved her up and steaming you fed on her

badly wound lassitude

she forgot herself as she pretended

love means forgiving time and time again

she forgot, she was worth something

that girl who didn’t have hands uplifting her from

the clamoring downpour

lost her way in cavorting storm

the spooling moon, a snake wrapped against tattooed branch

this way and that, the even keel of life forgotten

some days it took everything just to stand up

she mislaid the memory, she was not there to be crushed into

tiny pieces of herself and thrown for white breasted sea birds

to swallow whole

love should not force you to your thin knees

it should not destroy the tender parts of you

capable of feeling

fingers playing fiddles with tempura emotion

love is not a white flag of surrender

at times it needs to be a pirate ship

fast on its feet, answerable to nothing but

the truth of vanquished things

torn and shredded in haste

we talk about the past and

I used to like talking about the past

comforting me like a one-night-stand

until I became tired of hearing how I accepted

less and took nothing

raging against the dying light

life is after all

short and painful and full of unexpected turns

do not add to it by self-hate or diminishment

if I could go back in time, this is what I would say

to the girl who got used to having empty pockets

I would take her by the hand and remind her

you may have been broken or forged incompletely

darned with a yarn too coarse for fine needle

you may have been told this was your lot in life, you did not

deserve equality

but just as it seems true, the world will be submerged

when rain comes down pitiless and hard

it is not so

we rise then

we always rise

for one more chance and when it offers itself

hand in your bad habits and leave that moth eaten coat behind

take the tall steps upward

feel the sun on your throat

smile even as you don’t know

what lies around the corner

present and glad

for your very existence


17 thoughts on “Present and glad

  1. ‘take the tall steps upward

    feel the sun on your throat

    smile even as you don’t know

    what lies around the corner

    present and glad

    for your very existence’…YES!!
    Magnificent poetry!


      • Just know that I’m having lots of technical issues with my blog, but I do read your work, and I have been reading it for almost 2 years now! When I close my blog and I go away for awhile, to focus on my living, there are writers like you who just linger in my thoughts and it’s so nice to know that there are people in the world that care, and have hearts of gold! It just makes living so much nicer! Thank you for your contributions in the world of literature! ☀️🙂❤️

        Liked by 1 person

      • You’re very welcome! As weird as it may have sounded when I threw you out an invite, remember the offer. I have spent the last 11 years of my life helping people! If all else fails I have a nice comfortable warm home here and wonderful community that knows me, there’s nothing weird or unusual going on in my life 😀 It’s peaceful and Serene. I just thought to mention kindness, it’s that easy, there’s a place you can go to if you need one. Good luck to you if you do leave WP. You will be missed, as I’ve come to recognize your beautiful words for the last couple of years. I’m sorry to hear about your eyesight I can’t imagine the turmoil this sort of devastation must be bringing you at the moment. It’s very personal what you’re going through! I’m just an email away if you need a friend…☀️🙂❤️


      • Well this is the saddest day ever in the writing world!! ☹️You are one of the handful of names that are always remembered and looked forward to, to read your beautiful words, and powerful writing! I’m sorry this is happening.
        I’m surrounded by amazing people in my community, I live in the mountains and own my own home free and clear, if you ever need a place to live you can come and live here for free! (Don’t you go It Alone!)I hope you change your mind! The world needs prolific writers and all the people who have something to say are so important! Never forget how many lives you have touched by your beautiful words 🌹and all those you may never know about but have just the same! You will be sorely missed in the writing community once again I do hope you change your mind!! Feel free anytime to shoot me an email if you just need to vent! Take good care Bless your heart! Thank you for sharing your beautiful words with everyone! You are a true poetess!! Once again I really do hope you’ll stay! if it helps any look I’m still here and no one reads my poetry at all! 🙂 With much love and admiration…☀️❤️🌷

        Liked by 1 person

      • And just so you know sweetie I absolutely cannot click the like button on your recent post and I know you understand no negativity for me and there’s nothing to celebrate by clicking the like button but I do understand what you wrote! Bless your heart!


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