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Chris R-1-163 Image by Christine Renney

He rises early, keeping to his routine. It is still dark and in the lamp light he reads and he drinks copious mugs of scalding hot coffee. He makes his way back and forth, from the comfy sofa in the sitting room to the kitchen counter.
He re-fills his mug and he reads a little bit more but mostly he sits and he wrestles with his newest idea, with his latest piece of prose. He keeps a pen and pad close at hand and he works hard at stringing a few sentences together, at getting it down.
At least he did until a few months ago and yet here he is again, just before dawn not writing but struggling, still wrestling with something.


7 thoughts on “NOT WRITING

  1. We all go through it. It is a painful affliction and when we get a bad case we despair we might not come out of it, but then fever breaks, the veil is lifted and we set pen to paper again. And we write.

    Little Darlin
    It’s been a long cold, lonely winter.
    Little DarlinIt seems like years since its been here.
    Here comes the sun
    Doo dun doo do
    Here comes the sun
    And I say…
    It’s all right.
    –George Harrison

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