Feeling nothing is still a feeling
so is feeling numb (i.e. feeling unable to feel anything)
I have a hard enough time trying to survive with feeling tangible feelings,
let alone non-feeling feelings that make me feel as if I can’t feel anything at all
and ‘feel’ does not look like a real word anymore
but it must be real as I feel its definition swimming in my brain
(an organ which, actually, cannot physically feel)
and I feel sick of feeling all the feelings
I am sick of feeling sick
Fuck feeling feelings
I don’t want any
I don’t want a single one


10 thoughts on “Feels

  1. Every time I read you I feel this:
    Impossible she can’t be that good
    She is that good
    I want to be that good
    Nobody else comes close to her
    then I feel glad I know you
    then I want to get better so I can be nearly as able to say what you say, seemingly effortlessly though I know it can’t be.
    You amaze me. And it’s not just because you’re fucking incredible.
    (Okay, it’s because you’re fucking incredible)


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