Ok I’m beginning to understand your running now. I suppose it’s smart to remember that we are not disembodied intellects.

I enjoyed pretending to run by reading your last message, but say what are Alice’s dog-pants?

I’ve never had a TV, but when I made the move to the country my relatives warmed the house with black mirrors and now when my wife tries to turn on Netflix the damn TV defaults to the news first. So I always hear a little cacophony to use your word and it’s always about Trump anyway. I claim as much of these politics as I claim of my whiteness. Hell only has 9 circles.

Now that I have a son, the place where thoughts come from sends me dreams about the future. The place where thoughts come sends me hopelessness enough to quell those dreams. Today if my son and I don’t die in a car accident or some other common occurrence, we’ll sand rust off of my dead grandfather’s old model train without PPE and give the kid tetanus or tuberculosis and we’ll listen to Bach and Fela and God willing we’ll sleep like the dead all night.

Enjoy the run. I hope your family is well.