Eh Christ I’m typing through cat slobber on this keyboard in the room where I keep one of my cats that attacks the other cat and I was going to get to work but I had to pet the cat for fifteen minutes and still he’s not satisfied and trying to bite my knuckles and shit like that. I remember when I said people get pets because they don’t wonder where you’ve been when you come home late at night or at least they don’t ask you and some people take it a step further and get a child so that they have someone to love them but since neither the pet nor the child asked to be created they don’t owe you shit. I was wrong twice because the cats cost me far more than they give and the boy gives me more than he costs.

Right paralyzed is a good word for it. They are more a part of you than your own arms and legs put together. I have nothing to say about the things I used to have things to say about. LSD and children both show you how trivial is the question ‘what is the meaning of life?’ but the kid doesn’t go away after 12 hours. And apart from philosophy, anger takes energy I can no longer afford

Are you going to stay in the south for a while? Seems more pleasant. Living in the country is much more pleasant than living in the city for me. My mother asked me ‘do you wonder why you ever lived in the city?’ and of course I don’t. With no frame of reference heaven and hell are the same place. Besides that, lifting spiritual weights is easier when you live in a gym. I’ve done my time for now.