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On Mondays:


A psychiatrist told Babe that she was built for the zombie apocalypse. Although it’s also been said that she rocks with sparkles on top and fire in her belly. (Art credit: Monika Kozak)

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main photoBenjamin Davis lives in Russia and writes things. He is a journalist and content-monkey for different companies and in order to off-set his day-to-day stock-photo style content creation he writes a lot of weird stuff. He often works with Nikita Klimov, a Russian artist on Benita Klavis (formerly Flash-365 [formally two lonely men in a kitchen]). His first book The King of FU was published this past May, and when he is not writing he can be found trying to cut back on drinking while fat-shaming his cat, Frank.



AirBrush_20180904142456Candice Louisa Daquin is of Sephardic descent and grew up in Europe before moving to settle in the American Southwest. Daquin has written since childhood, coming from a creative family, and has three published books and several Chapbooks. She’s active in the poetry community and also writes poetry reviews. Daquin is an avid campaigner for equality, mental health reform and has worked with survivors in local rape crisis centers both in the U.S. and Europe. She is currently working on her next book. To read everything Candice’s written on Hijacked Amygdala, go here.



On Tuesdays:


Gordon Flanders is the preacher of a small church that is slowly becoming insolvent despite his constant pleas for change of any kind. Flanders is well known for a series of highly bizarre and inaccurate weather reports he made in the wake of the 2007 financial crisis. He is a skilled botanist and enjoys spending his three weekly hours of free time pruning the gardens of disreputable politicians in Marakesh and Bangalore. His work here is part of an outreach program for the displaced children of migrant workers. In the spring, Flanders vacations in Newfoundland where he enjoys competitive dog whipping, cooking over an open flame, and mumbling. In times of peace, Flanders can be found at his blog, Anyone’s Ghost, which he describes with some trepidation as a post post modern postmortem on modernism. To read everything Gordon’s written on Hijacked Amygdala, go here.


I am Tony Single and I’m a man. Well, the last time I looked inside my pants I was. I’m also a writer and drawer of stuff. This can be evidenced by the pen in my hand and the jumbled mess of ideas relentlessly exploding and imploding inside my too tiny skull. Oh. And the stuff. You know. The stuff I’ve written and drawn. That’s evidence too, Your Honour. Exhibit A is my webcomic. Exhibit B is my personal art. Exhibit C is my amateur photography. Oh, and I’m one proud half of the writing duo Unbolt! Judge me gently? To see everything Tony’s created on Hijacked Amygdala, go here.


Anna Spoon grew up in America, where her best friends were novels and comic books, particularly the characters in them. Her obsession with visual, serialized story-telling started very early on with Greek and Roman myths, and then traveled from superhero comics to a myriad of artistic mediums. After pursuing school like regular people do, she went to Japan and taught lots of schoolchildren (and some adults) a few things in English before deciding to take art classes in Italy. A few years doing all of this, she’s now settled back in her home state, making art and writing some bad poetry on the side of a ‘regular’ job. She’s mostly self-taught in her artistic mediums and dreams of making art her bread and butter in life. To see everything Anna’s created on Hijacked Amygdala, go here.


On Wednesdays:

img_9794Alekos Salter is a twenty-year-old drop-out poet trying desperately to avoid the cliche of being a twenty-year-old drop-out poet. He spends half his life not fitting in with the bankers and lawyers that frequent the restaurant he works at, and the other half avoiding equally pretentious artists found in similar watering holes. He lives in a city that smirks at art and yet provides more than enough subject material for those that choose to create it. To read everything Alekos has written on Hijacked Amygdala, go here.


bio.pngBen and Nikita. On his way to Russia, Ben fell out of the airplane directly on top of Nikita. Ben used to be a writer and Nikita used to be an artist, but the remaining number of barely workable limbs were only enough to make one body. So, Ben and Nikita sit, stitched together, paralyzed, and in agony. Unable to give up their joy of creating art, they use the money made from suing the airline to pay a small Russian boy named Sasha to write and draw for them based on the pain-medication induced hallucinations they suffer through each day. More of Sasha’s work can be found at To read everything from Ben and Nikita on Hijacked Amygdala, go here.


On Thursdays:


Andy Lewis. Part time writer. Part time photographer. Casual depressive. Frequent humourist. Scrubs up well. Bored-housewife magnet. Andy has been working on a novel for a number of years and, after an impressive spurt of effort at the back end of 2015, has now reached page three. Despite Welsh origins, Andy can be found on the streets of London.

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On Fridays:

tmbb1The Magic Black Book is as mercurial as its owner: it’s a jumbled mix of poetry, prose, journal entries and artwork that document the harsh realities of being mentally ill and piss poor in the best city in the world. The author is a 20-something lit grad from north London. She loves twentieth century European writing, the moon, and Marlboro lights. She’s also a bipolar-borderline-chronically-suicidal-addict-etc. Yes, she’s had more damning diagnoses than you’ve had hot dinners. However, she’s still got some fight left and is trying her hardest to navigate this absolute bitch of a road that they call “Recovery.” The work that she creates only exists as a direct result of her self-destruction. But so be it. Let’s make magic out of madness. To read everything The Magic Black Book’s written on Hijacked Amygdala, go here.



On Saturdays:

Chris R-0554

Mark Renney lives in the U.K. where he reads a lot and writes a bit. Christine R. grabbed the camera from Mark three years ago because she has a better eye than him. She also draws a bit.

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On Sundays:

MMischa. Feels like he wrote this before. Reads submission guidelines for lunch and sprinkles
curcumin on everything because he hears it’s good for mood and anxiety. Does stuff for a living. Is regularly mistaken for Someone Else. Begins lots of sentences with pronouns and others with other words and sometimes lowercase letters. Peripatetic, wandering, and frequently off-topic, he’d been reading too much Proust and fearing too much everything and the writer-person he became was kind of like a ornately loquacious, treacherously romantic cross between Dave Eggers and Joseph Goebbels, though without any of that notoriety or pesky genocide. That was then, and he deleted most of that shit. Now, more of M’s undeleted work can be found at a fancy place called He does not panhandle, but kindly requests that you leave your thoughts behind.


Folks who used to write for us:

Laura Gabrielle Feasey

I was five. I could still taste the saccharine sweet remnants of chocolate on my tongue. My mouth was smeared with cocoa crumbs and icing. My parents walked in, mouths wide open.
“Laura! Did you take a bite of grandma’s birthday cake?”
And so the storytelling began…

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Ashley Lily Scarlett. Born in London, England in 1959. Dragged to Sydney, Australia in 1974. Still there. Lives with Bella the black cat and bipolar disorder type 2. Also blogs at Syncopated Eyeball, Between Scarlett and Guest, and strata of the self. To see everything Ashley’s created on Hijacked Amygdala, go here.

Francesca is twenty-one and lost in London. She spends most of her time breaking into university libraries. Ripping days and pages one at a time.

Johnny Roger Schofield was born in Mesa, Arizona. He went on to live in the San Francisco Bay Area, Pine Grove (Gold country! Cougars!), and Redding (University! Majoring in English, i.e. DEATH), California. In 2001 he moved up to Seattle, seeking coffee, rain, and the vaporous vestiges of Nirvana and Sunny Day Real Estate. The move was decided upon in order to—wait for it—begin a band; Johnny Roger simply adores destroying bass guitars, so music was a sexypants choice. And for 9 years thereafter, he was a busy bee, making 3 EPs, 4 LPs, playing over 550 shows, and touring (4 year span) over 240,000 miles. By 2009 he’d eaten his fill of such juicy shenanigans, but was happy to have lived the rock n roll lifestyle (live MTV performances/music videos/songs on freshly-dumb TV shows and the videogame Rockband). During these years he also wrote 3 novels (one shitty/another less shitty/another kinda shit-free) and piles of odd poetry. In 2012 he moved to Yakima and began quaffing copious hops. His wife Joani Lee recently squished out their first babechild, Haywood William, who will someday be the first Poet President of the United States, or perhaps just like way into fantasy football. Regardless, the illustrious Dr. Haywood W.S. will change the world, and we will all be rich, but probably dead by then. To read everything Schofield has written on Hijacked Amygdala, go here.

That is all. (Please drink the wine; it was brought here on trucks.)