And watching these twisted tangerine sunrises means so much more to me when you’re not standing beside me with your arm around my neck telling me how much it means to you to watch the sunrise with me


In Flagrante Delicto


Image “120 Deep” © Andrew Lewis, 2016


She came home early and caught him being fellated upon a sun-lounger beside their pool, his sun-kissed torso part hidden by a mass of blonde hair bobbing up and down as if guided by a metronome.

He pulled on his shorts as he listened to the screaming from inside the house that accompanied the ejection of his young lover. He sat on the edge of the pool, feet dangling in the water, and lit a cigarette. This time he might be in trouble.

He had partaken of extra-marital activity in the past- she had known of some, guessed at others, and was clueless about most. This was different, in that he had never been caught ‘in flagrante delicto’ as it were. Hell, she was no angel and had hinted at her own lovers; but why anyone would willingly stick their cock in that ice-bitch’s hole was anyone’s guess, he thought – your dick would freeze and drop off.

Fuck it, he thought, what’s the problem? Everyone does it these days, and if you’re not an adulterer then you are a swinger, or cuckold, or a cuckqueen, or a hot wife, or bicurious. Maybe you are wondering how it feels to have your ass filled with cock, while a t-girl’s nipples graze your shoulder blades. Whatever – it doesn’t matter how you get your rocks off, and if you do worry what society thinks of your kinks, then a guess says your sex life is fucking boring.

Their relationship was a joke, two high-sexed individuals who hadn’t been able to make each other hard or wet for years. He had seen the end of their relationship coming from a distance, and now it was up close and personal.

What he didn’t see coming was the blow to the back of his head. He sank to the bottom of the pool, hair splayed by the push-pull of the countercurrent, right-eye black balling and leaking pink into blue. She sat on the edge of the pool, feet dangling in the water, and lit a cigarette.