Pantone Coated 6 C


At first there was only darkness – no, I am mistaken; there was silence too. This continued forever. I was serene with no understanding. Most of all I remember the black – always this pitch, ignorant black.


Pantone Solid Coated 7621 C


Then it came – at once pressure all around, a rushing cacophony. It was brief and fleeting, and so I had my first experience with Time. I was panicked at the thought of change. Most of all I remember the red – always this thick, viscous red.


Pantone Solid Coated 610 C


I became exposed in this world of light and crying and tears and laughter. The days were short, the nights also; time moved so fast. I was relieved at my own sunrise. Most of all I remember the yellow – always this vibrant, hopeful yellow.


Pantone Solid Uncoated12236 U


Little did I know then, that my sunset would follow so soon. Trapped in a constant, near-night time experience, twenty-four seven. Now that I understand I am terminally panicked and there is no relief. Time is not my friend, and I am depressed at every interminable rotation of the hands. Most of all I hate the grey – always this oppressive, smothering grey.